Ugly Sweater Day

At Moose Pharmacy, we love ugly sweaters but not ugly coughs and colds. This wonderful season of the year is one we all love to celebrate, however, it does come with the dreadful risk of catching nasty, persistent coughs and colds. No one has time around the holidays to feel sick. We want to feel great and be excited to wear ugly sweaters while spending time with loved ones. 

Stop by and ask one of our Moose Pharmacists today about the best over-the-counter cough and cold medications such as Robitussin and Mucinex. We also stock Vicks Vapor Rub for the stuffy noses that come along with colds. We even have options for more natural remedies, such as Sambucol and Vitamin C. 

It’s important for us to help our patients feel their very best for the holidays! Most colds can last up to a week or longer, especially in the elderly population. Adults get an average of 2-4 colds per year between the months of September and May. 

To further prevent the risk of catching colds and coughs, avoid contact with sick individuals, wash your hands often throughout the day, and keep your hands away from your eyes and nose to avoid infecting yourself. 

Stay clear of ugly coughs and colds this ugly sweater season by visiting Moose Pharmacy and speaking with a pharmacist further in depth about the best cough and cold recommendations.

Practice safety measures to further protect yourself from getting an ugly cough and cold this Ugly sweater season. 

Stop by Moose Pharmacy and speak with the pharmacist for the best selection of over the counter cough and cold products or natural remedies. Put on your Ugly Christmas sweater and celebrate a cough and cold free holiday season with your loved ones!


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