Pickle Day

Calling all pickles lovers: Today is National Pickle Day! Whether you like them sweet or dill, crinkle cut or speared, on hamburgers or deep fried, your friends at Moose Pharmacy would like to wish the pickle connoisseurs a very happy day! Did you know that eating pickles can provide health benefits? Studies show that the fermentation process of a pickle produces probiotic properties. These properties can improve digestion and increase the body's immunity against infectious diseases.

Not a pickle lover? Do not fear! Here at Moose Pharmacy, we sell our very own brand of probiotics. With 5 billion CFUs (Colony-Forming Units) per capsule, our Moose probiotics contain the highest quality blend of bacteria to elevate your gut health. Whether pickles are a regular part of your diet or not, taking a probiotic every day can balance your digestive system and get your gut on track. Swing by your Moose Pharmacy today and ask for a 100-count bottle of Moose probiotics from our refrigerator for only $29.99!

Want to fight off infectious diseases without eating any pickles? Try our Moose Pharmacy brand vitamin C tablets! Take 1 tablet once daily with food to give your body 1,000 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C tablets have been proven to boost your immune system to protect your body against disease and decrease your risk of infection. Vitamin C tablets are perfect for pickle-lovers and pickle-haters alike. 

Come to your nearest Moose Pharmacy today to grab a bottle of 100 tablets for $23.99. Don’t forget to take your Moose probiotic with your vitamin C tablet for maximum “pickle effect!” Visit our website to find the Moose Pharmacy closest to you. We look forward to seeing you and serving you soon!

Bullet Points:

  • Eating pickles can improve digestion and boost the body’s immune system.
  • With 5 billion CFU’s, our Moose probiotics can elevate your gut health to allow for better digestion.
  • To improve immunity without eating pickles, try our Moose Pharmacy brand of vitamin C to fight against infectious diseases.


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