Personal Trainer Day

Starting off the new year, there is no better time for National Personal Trainer Awareness Day! While taking the day to appreciate the people helping with your resolutions, do NOT forget to appreciate your own body in other ways: let the trainers help you in the gym, let us at Moose Pharmacy be your Personal Medication Trainer! If you are beginning a new exercise regimen, you could be prone to muscle soreness, fatigue, and an increased risk for injury.

While getting used to these changes, remember that Moose Pharmacy is here for all your needs in self-care! We offer a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) supplies that YOU can benefit from:

Recover from your workout with protein and amino acids that will aid in restoring your body and building you back stronger. Revitalize yourself with natural supplements for energy like vitamin B12, vitamin D, L-carnitine, and CoQ10 (the list goes on, just ask us). Prevent and protect yourself from injuries with supplements such as glucosamine, calcium, and magnesium that promote joint, tissue, and bone health!

Do NOT forget that your gut health is important! We offer probiotics and digestive enzymes that show numerous health benefits for your overall health. Just need an overall wellness check? Drop by for a free blood pressure check that includes a personalized review of your medications!

Have any questions about services we offer to promote your well-being? Call or come ask us at the counter anytime! As a friendly neighbor, we want you in good health!

Bullet Points:

  • Start your New Year’s Resolution off right by appreciating personal trainers and YOURSELF!
  • Moose Pharmacy offers a variety of products that can aid in muscle recovery, natural energy levels, and injury prevention!
  • Medication reviews are a FREE service we provide for our customers. While taking care of yourself this year, let Moose Pharmacy handle your medications.
  • Remember that Moose Pharmacy is here to answer any questions you have about self-care. Give us a call or ask us next time you are here!