National Yoga Day

According to the CDC, adults need 150 minutes of physical activity each week! This number can sound daunting, but the 150-minute total can be split into three 45-minute workouts or five 30-minute workouts throughout the week. 

It is important to understand that physical activity does not mean you have to be preparing for a marathon. Any type of movement for your body is good movement! 

Low-intensity exercises in particular are now being recommended to most people, including older adults, to promote health. These exercises are not only easier, but they are also safer. 

Lower-intensity exercises are defined as forms of exercise that put less stress on a person’s muscles and joints, but still improve heart health, muscle strength and burn calories. 

One form of these types of exercise is YOGA! There are several forms of yoga including hot yoga, power yoga and the traditional Ashtanga yoga! You can sign up for yoga classes or search yoga on YouTube to find some great workouts to follow! If yoga is not your thing, another form of low-intensity exercise is walking. 

For our older adults, Moose Pharmacy sells canes at most locations that could not only provide assistance when walking, but also help with balance! 

Feel free to ask a Moose Pharmacist about other types of low-intensity exercises.

Bullet Points:

  • Adults need 150 minutes of physical activity each week.
  • Low-intensity exercises like yoga are safer and easier.
  • Moose Pharmacists can help provide more ideas for low-intensity exercises and recommendations for any durable medical equipment which may be needed.


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