National Pharmacy Week

Did you know that the average patient visits the pharmacy 35 times a year compared to the average 4 times a year spent visiting the doctor [1]? 

Pharmacies play an important role in helping patients manage acute and chronic conditions, like diabetes and hypertension, through medications, counseling, and even monitoring. 

In fact, Moose Pharmacy gives patients the opportunity to schedule consultations with a pharmacist to optimize medication regimens and even offers walk-ins to measure blood pressure and take glucose readings. 

This is already on top of a whole host of other patient-centered services they provide such as MoosePacks (packaging that sorts your medications by day, time, and dose), free home deliveries within a 10-mile radius, natural medications, and even compounded medicines!

However, a well-run pharmacy is only as good as the pharmacy technicians that staff them, and this National Pharmacy Week we want to honor the exceptional technicians at all Moose Pharmacy locations. 

They work hard to measure and count medications, package prescriptions, and carefully inventory medications to provide top-notch care to all patients quickly and safely! 

Pharmacies are busy places and certainly couldn’t run without their technicians, so the next time you visit one, be sure to thank the technicians there for everything that they do.

Bullet Points:

  • The average patient visits the pharmacy 35 times a year.
  • Pharmacies play an important role managing acute and chronic conditions.
  • Moose Pharmacy is cutting edge in the services that they provide.
  • Technicians are important team members in the pharmacy.
  • Be sure to thank a technician the next time you see one!


  • [1] Gebhart F. Pharmacists want more time with patients. Drug Topics. Published November 14, 2020. Accessed July 19, 2022.