National Old Stuff Day

In our current age, we often find ourselves replacing our current possessions with the newest and latest device.

National Old Stuff Day is a day to appreciate things that are old and vintage.

The saying “gets better with age” rings true...for some things.

Examples of these things include wine, furniture, music, and Moose Pharmacy, of course!

The first Moose Pharmacy was opened in downtown Mount Pleasant in 1882 and stands in the exact same location today.

After 140 years, there are now seven locations spanning from Mount Holly to Locust to Salisbury and everywhere in between.

Did you know that the Mount Pleasant and Salisbury locations have medication drop boxes where you can bring your expired or unused medications?

A survey of American adults in the Consumer Report found that about one-third of Americans hadn’t cleared out their medicine cabinet in the past year; nearly one-fifth hadn’t done so in five years.

This often leads to an accumulation of unused or expired medications.

Expired medications (both prescription and over the counter) should not be taken as they are not effective and even have the potential to be toxic.

Today serves as a wonderful reminder to all of us to acknowledge the vintage things with value, and to rid ourselves of the old things in our life that are no longer needed.

Bullet Points:
• Find old photographs or other memorable things and reminisce on their history and meaning.
• Expired medications can not only be ineffective but can also be toxic.
• Bring your unused or expired medications to the Moose Pharmacy in Mount Pleasant of Salisbury to dispose of in one of our secure disposal kiosks.