National I Forgot Day

All year we try to stay organized with calendars and reminders to remember those important events, dates, and times but we still may forget. 

On July 2nd, the world is encouraged to make amends for the things they may have forgotten throughout the year. Whether you forgot to tell someone happy birthday or happy anniversary or even forgot to take your medications I Forgot Day can be celebrated.


At Moose Pharmacy you won’t have to worry about forgetting your medications again thanks to Moose Packs. “I Forgot Day” will no longer need to be observed!  

Moose Packs organize all of your medications into special packaging. Each pack is labeled with the medications inside, the day it should be taken, and the specific time of day. 

The Moose Packs ensure no pills are ever missed and that less time is spent organizing your medications, because everything is done for you (and at no extra cost!). 

Moose Packs are reviewed by a pharmacist to ensure your medications are ordered at an appropriate time each month to decrease trips to the pharmacy. Free delivery is also offered at all Moose Pharmacy locations, so not only will all your medications be organized but you can have them delivered to your doorstep too. 

Contact Moose Pharmacy today so you no longer have to remember which medications to take when! Visit or call your local Moose Pharmacy.

Bullet Points:

  • “I Forgot Day” was created for those who tend to forget significant dates such as a friend’s birthday, a wedding anniversary, or other important dates and events.
  • Moose Packs organize medications into special packaging that separates medications by each day, time of day, and dose.
  • Moose Packs are a special service offered at Moose Pharmacy at no extra charge to the patient.