National Art Day (October 25th)

Creative Stress Relief Strategies

Have you ever felt stressed or overwhelmed? Of course you have! Whether it is school, a job, or a personal situation, stress is everywhere! Stress is defined as anything that causes emotional or physical strain or tension. Most of the time it is a result of demanding circumstances. There are many ways to reduce and prevent stress in one’s life.

Some ways to destress include self care (relaxation techniques, vacations, controlled breathing, sleep, diet, social activities), medications (prescription, essential oils, and OTC), exercise (yoga, walking/hiking),talk therapy, and art therapy (music, painting, drawing, sculpture making, coloring, and more). Each person handles stress differently, so you just have to find a technique that works for you! Ask one of our Moose Pharmacists for tips to reduce the stress in your life.

National Art Day is coming up on October 25th of this year. As mentioned before, art is a great way to reduce stress in your life! According to multiple studies and the American Art Therapy Association, any form of art can help with the reduction of stress levels. Art therapy can include anything including listening to music, playing an instrument, painting a picture, coloring, forming clay into a mug, applying makeup, or any other creative activity.

So, next time you are feeling stressed about anything in your life, pick up that crayon, guitar, or ball of clay and let your creativity flow!

Bullet Points:

  • Stress happens! There are many ways to cope with the stress that life throws at you. Some include exercise, yoga, mental breaks, and art therapy.
  • Ask your local Moose Pharmacist about tips to reduce stress in your life. We will also have Moose Pharmacy Coloring Pages!
  • Art is a great way to relieve stress and gain control back in certain situations.
  • There are many forms of art. Some include; painting, music, clay, coloring, baking, and sketching.