Moose Can Now Prescribe Birth Control

Licensed pharmacists at Moose Pharmacy can now prescribe and dispense self-administered hormonal contraceptives for women. Less than 15% of pharmacies nationwide provide this service, and Moose Pharmacy is one of the first pharmacies in North Carolina to implement this service. 

Oral and transdermal hormonal contraceptives will be the only types of prescriptions the pharmacist will be able to fill with or without insurance. Appointments can be made online and walk-ins are welcome. Patients will fill out a self-guided questionnaire, which will gather information on medical and family history as well as contraceptive use history. 

Patients will pay a small consultation fee to visit with the pharmacist for 15 minutes and discuss their options for which contraceptive option works best for them, or if they should be referred to a women’s healthcare provider. The pharmacist will also take their blood pressure. 

The consultation fee will cover unlimited visits/calls, switching birth control if needed, and a prescription with refills up to one full year. The prescription may carry an additional charge depending on which contraceptive they choose and their insurance coverage. 

Insurance plans are required to offer some contraceptive options at no charge, but not all may be included. If you are uninsured or your chosen method is not covered, Moose Pharmacy has discount pricing on select formulary items for potential cost savings on your prescription.

Patients choose among the different options depending on affordability, administration (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), ease of use and potential side effects. Remember, it is still important to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections regardless of birth control use.

Bullet Points:

  • About 45% of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned.
  • Taking birth control helps patients with family planning and preventing unplanned conception.
  • Hormonal birth control can also reduce acne, cramps, and regulate menstrual cycles.
  • Walk-in contraceptive services are now available at Moose Pharmacy with same day dispensing!