Chronic Migraine Awareness Day

Did you know migraines affect more than one billion people in the world and have become the second cause of not being able to carry out day to day activities? Do you currently experience migraines, or are you at risk for developing them?

Risk factors for migraines include: Obesity, High cholesterol, Diabetes, High blood pressure, and Family history of migraines. Women were also found to develop migraines more than men.

According to the American Migraine Foundation, magnesium is a natural, over-the-counter option for the use of preventing migraines. It is recommended to take 400mg of Magnesium a day for the prevention of migraines. 

Moose Pharmacy offers our very own brand of Magnesium Glycinate. You can buy a 1-month supply for $16.99 plus tax.

What else can you do to prevent migraines?

  • Getting plenty of sleep.
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Well rounded meals.

If you are experiencing a migraine, it is advised to use Ibuprofen or Excedrin for pain relief. Both products, as well as many more, are sold at your local Moose Pharmacy. We also offer products that are made from more natural ingredients for ongoing migraines. 

Ask your local Moose pharmacists any questions about migraine prevention or treatment options today!

Bullet Points:

  • Come to any of our Moose pharmacy locations for Moose’s own magnesium as a migraine prevention option.
  •  Sleep, hydration, and nutritional meals are also great sources for migraine prevention. 
  • If you are already experiencing migraines, ask your local Moose pharmacists about over-the-counter treatment options today!


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