March is Nutrition Month!

March is the month that highlights how important it is to make healthy food choices! However, sometimes it can be difficult to make sure you are getting enough essential nutrients to maintain or improve your health.

That is why taking dietary supplements can help with filling in the gaps in your diet! It is important to note, however, that supplements are regulated as food and not as medications.

This means that the FDA does not evaluate the quality of dietary supplements. That is why you need to purchase your supplements from a trusted company.

You can always trust the Moose Brand of Supplements to have the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that meet USP-Certified standards.

Supplements such as vitamin C can improve immune function, supports collagen formation, and has antioxidant support.

While zinc is an essential mineral your body needs to support normal growth and development. Evidence has also shown that zinc helps maintain sense of taste and smell, which is helpful to those who experienced this symptom of covid!

Moose brand also created a calcium + vitamin D supplement that promotes optimal bone health, and this formula is specifically made to not cause bloating or constipation. From vitamin C to zinc, to calcium with vitamin D, you can always count on the Moose brand to have the best quality products to meet your needs.

Ask one of our Moose Pharmacists how these vitamins and nutrients can help you reach your health goals!

Bullet Points:

• Dietary supplements can help with filling in nutritional gaps to improve your health!
• Moose Brand Supplements are of highest quality and meet USP-Certified standards.
• Vitamin C and Zinc are two supplements that can improve your immune system.

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