International Chocolate Day

We all know that chocolate bars ruin diets and progress towards weight loss. But did you know that dark chocolate and cocoa beans may have medical benefits? Studies show components of cocoa beans and dark chocolate may improve your mood/energy, improve blood flow, and reduce inflammation that could even reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes!


The history of cocoa goes back to the earliest times, seen as early as 4000 years ago. It wasn’t until 1828 that the Dutch chocolate press increased production to the modern candy bar and began the Chocolate Golden Age of 1850.

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September 13th is International Chocolate Day, a day to celebrate one of the largest trades across the globe. Worth billions of dollars each year, chocolate remains a beloved treat with many flavors to fit everyone’s sweet tooth. From dark to milk chocolate, unsweet, and more, there’s a flavor to match everyone’s taste!

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Take time today to celebrate this historic treat and be sure to ask your Moose Pharmacy team all about supplements, one-on-one consultations, or medication Moose Packs to help you live a better, healthier life! Don’t forget to enjoy a sweet treat too!


Bullet Points:

  • Cocoa beans contain nutrients that increase energy, reduce stress, and can help the risk of heart disease
  • Dark chocolate has 50-90% cocoa and shows the highest potential benefits compared to milk or white chocolate
  • Moose Pharmacy offers consultations on OTC vitamins, supplements, and remedies and treatments to serve patient preferences
  • Ask a Moose Pharmacy team member about medication synchronization programs, Moose Packs, or how to navigate choosing a new Medicare plan in one-on-one meetings



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