Independence Day, Independent Pharmacy

On Independence Day, we wanted to take a minute to appreciate independent pharmacies. We take pride in being a part of the local community, providing important patient care that goes well beyond filling prescriptions.

Every day we work with our patients to help them feel their best: Covid-19 testing, vaccinations, medication therapy management, and so much more. In fact, there are lots of studies on the positive impact independent pharmacies like Moose Pharmacy can have on the health of their patients. 

Members of community pharmacies see beneficial effects on clinical outcomes like cholesterol and blood pressure as well as overall quality of life. Even patients with more complicated disease states, such as diabetes, see important improvements in their health.

Here at Moose pharmacy, we take it a step further. Between free customer delivery, our specialized Moose Pack system and health coaches who care, being a patient at Moose pharmacy is truly unique. 

To put it simply, we give our patients the best chance to succeed and an easier time staying on top of their health. We are proud of the results we see in our patients, and care deeply about the community we serve. We have been here since 1882 and, although we’re over 100 years younger than our country, we plan on helping its citizens for hundreds of years to come. 

So please go out and enjoy your Independence Day, and Happy 4th from your local independent pharmacy!


Bullet Points:

  • Independent pharmacies do so much more than just serve as an alternative to chain pharmacies that provide medication
  • Numerous studies, including those in our own state, have proven how important and prominent a role an independent pharmacy can have in improving a patient’s health
  • Patients with complex disease states and numerous medications can see long-term clinical and economic benefits as our patients of an independent pharmacy.



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