Get Ready for Summer Vacation

It’s finally summer! One of the most anticipated times of year is summer vacation. Whether you are going to the beach, the lake, or the local pool, it is a good way to relax in the sun after a long winter. 

As exciting as vacation can be, preparing to leave can be stressful - but Moose makes it easy! With Moose Pharmacy med sync, you can get all of your medications filled at one time to make sure you have enough to last through your trip. 

Ask your pharmacist today about getting your prescriptions in MoosePacks - another convenient service that will make traveling with your meds a breeze. Simply tear off the packs for all the days you will be gone and pack them in your suitcase. The packs fold to take up less room than traditional pill bottles! 

In a rush to get on the road for vacation? Moose Pharmacy offers free delivery to a large surrounding area. We can bring your medications and over-the-counter medications right to your door, at no cost to you! 

Moose Pharmacy can also supply you with any over-the-counter products you will need on your trip, especially sunscreen. Regularly applying sunscreen while you’re out in the sun will protect your skin from sunburn and decrease your risk of skin damage. 

Let Moose Pharmacy help you take the stress out of preparing for summer vacation. 

Bullet Points:

  • Call today to get enrolled in the med sync program or the Moose Pack program to make traveling with your medications a breeze this summer. 
  • Ask your Moose Pharmacy about getting prescriptions delivered to save you time while you prepare to leave for vacation. 
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen, which can also be found at your local Moose Pharmacy! 


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