Cholesterol Awarness Month

September is National Cholesterol Awareness Month! It is a great time for you to get your cholesterol checked, and take the steps to lower it if your levels are too high. This is also a great opportunity to learn ways to keep your cholesterol at goal, whether that be through over-the-counter supplements, lifestyle changes, or both!

Between 2017-2020, 10% of Americans above the age of 20 years old had total cholesterol levels that were considered high and above the normal range. However, only around half of those adults who could benefit from cholesterol medicine are currently taking it.

Why is this important? Well, high cholesterol generally occurs with no symptoms, therefore most individuals are unaware their cholesterol is even high. The good news is, your cholesterol levels can be checked with a simple blood draw! By checking your cholesterol, and treating it if it is too high, you are lowering your risk for stroke or heart disease (the #1 cause of death in the United States).

Lifestyle changes such as eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help lower your cholesterol. Exercise is also a great way to keep your levels within goal and stay healthy! 

Moose pharmacy has its own brand of high potency omega-3 fish oil, an over-the-counter supplement that can help patients lower their cholesterol and triglycerides. Moose Brand Supplements are of the highest quality and meet all USP-Certified standards. 

Ask your pharmacist for more information about what could work for you!

Bullet Points:

  • It is important to get your cholesterol levels checked to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Lifestyle changes and over-the-counter supplements can help to lower your cholesterol.
  • Ask your pharmacist today about Moose pharmacy’s very own brand of Omega-3 fish oil!