Cat Day

We all know that cats benefit so much from their human friends. They get free food, housing, toys, pets (if they’re in the mood), and plenty of love. But did you know the relationship between cat and cat-parent isn’t completely one-sided? 

Yes, cats give us tons of love back, but owning a cat is also good for your health! Studies have found that spending time with cats causes chemicals to be released in our brains that reduce stress and anxiety. This is believed to be why people with cats are 42% less likely to have high blood pressure and 37% less likely to die from heart disease. Pet owners are generally less likely to have high cholesterol, diabetes, and stroke.

Even though they lower our blood pressure, high blood pressure is the most common disease in cats, and more than half of all cats are obese. It might be cute, but it’s not good for their health. 

Celebrate National Cat Day by returning the favor and scheduling an appointment to care for your best buddy's health.

Do they need medications? You can get their medication filled right alongside yours! Moose Pharmacy takes care of cats, dogs, birds, and people too. If there is no widely available product purrrfect for your feline friend, we even can compound special medications just for them. 

Our compounding lab can take commercially available medicine and mix it just how you need it! If you need a special amount of medicine, a mixture of medicines, or need it mixed in a treat, call Betsy at 704-792-2555 to get it made. 

We also make compound medicines for humans too!

Don’t have a cat? Go all out for National Cat Day and adopt one at your local animal shelter today. It’s good for the cat and your health!

Bullet Points:

  • Owning a cat makes you less likely to have high blood pressure
  • Make sure to take care of your car and bring them in for their yearly vet check in
  • Get your cats meds filled at Moose Pharmacy – we can take care of drugs that need to be mixed too!