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Moose Pharmacy
8374 Franklin Street, W
Mount Pleasant, NC 28124
Phone 704-436-9613


When A.W. Moose started Moose Drug Co. in 1882, it’s doubtful he considered how strong his legacy of trust, loyalty, and personal care would become. Whit Jr. and Joe Moose, fourth generation pharmacists, and their staff continue building the trust and loyalty of their patients everyday. Whit and Joe work together to oversee the operation of 5 pharmacies. They are an example of the professional and highly trained staff at each Moose Pharmacy location.

Whit Moose

Whit Moose, Jr. Pharmacist Manager

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy

Certified in osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and homeopathy.



June Alston, Clinical Pharmacist

University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences