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Moose Compounding Pharmacy

CompoundingMoose Pharmacy offers five locations: Mt. Pleasant, Concord, Midland, Salisbury, and Kannapolis. In Concord, there is a compounding pharmacy operated separately under a specialized license. Compounded medicines are available only with a doctors' prescription.

Moose Pharmacy regularly fills prescriptions for compounded medications at all of their pharmacies for:

  • Natural Hormone Medication (suppositories, vaginal creams, vaginal gels, absorbent gels to place on the inside of your arm, topical gels, oral capsules, oral tablets, etc.).
  • Pain Medication (for patients unable to swallow capsules or tablets; topical gels, topical creams, tablets that dissolve under the tongue, suppositories, suspension, syrups, etc.).
  • Veterinarian Medicine (for finicky animals that dislike the taste of medicine, their medication is compounded into flavors suitable to each animal in a treat or topical form).
  • Alternative Methods of getting medication into your body (lollipops, dissolvable tablets, creams, gels, syrups, suspension, lotion, suppositories, etc.)

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